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Collaboration Tools

Available on all plans

Social Platform

Allows your business to be up to date with the latest advances, as they happen within the Corporate Network. Also ETNIX allows your clients and suppliers to be able to connect within the platform and collaborate with you and your coworkers in a safe way.


Don’t loose any important conversation or feed. Track it and be up to date on all important trends in your enterprise social network.


Communicate your ideas in an easier, more efficient way by being more productive and promoting collaboration throughout the entire ETNIX network.

Instant Messaging

Keep all of your corporate community’s members connected with instant messaging. You will be able to have personal (one on one) conversations or chat with multiple users at a time. You will be able to see all of your friends, coworkers and other users’ status.

Work Tools

Available only on all plans.


Manage all of your company’s projects or assignments in a platform that’s easy to use and focused on productivity. You may assign specific tasks and link them to your projects, and update them constantly on your wall.


Organise all your content with hashtags and mentions. To any feed in your wall you can add hashtags and mention your team mates, coworkers, customers or providers.


Manage all of your community’s events in an integrated way, such as birthdays, meetings, launches and so much more.


Manage all of your projects in an easier and efficient way. Take your ideas to the next level, by tracking their progress every step of the way.


Organize your ideas and promote collaboration throughout your entire community.

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